Enjoy the best erotic massage in Marbella

Our erotic massages are an explosion of sensations that will take us to a world of wonderful tantric energy through the self-awareness of the body to end up in a sensual sea that will whisper us into a lovely and tender dream.

Our erotic massages menu:

Classic Massage Marbella Happy:

The classic massage gives you relief and frees you from tension all over the body. This massage can be performed upon request something stronger or more sensitive.


Tantra Massage Marbella Happy:

In this massage you’ll massaged using the whole body of the woman. Feel the caressing, massaging movements of the breast of the woman on the back and buttocks.


Spanish Massage Marbella Happy:

The Spanish massage has its climax in the “coming of the man between the breasts of the woman.” Upon request you will be massaged classic or sensitive.


Mutual Massage Marbella Happy:

Mutual massage provides special pleasure, because here You can touch your masseuse. The soft skin under your fingers will make you even more tired of affection. It will be massaged and caressed each other.


Greek Massage Marbella Happy:

Introduction, you’ll massaged classic or sensitive. The focus of the massage is your butt. Are you ready, it penetrates gently into you and takes you to the climax.


Double Massage Marbella Happy:

60 minutes. or more you will be stimulated by 2 ladies. Alternate touches through her ​​breasts, a full body massage & Anal with you, including multiple relaxations hand, waiting for you.


Combination Massage Marbella Happy:

It offers you a choice of some or all types of massage. Feel free to leave your masseuse selection of combinations. Let yourself be surprised!


Dominant Massage Marbella Happy:

This massage You will be completely covered and put yourself in our hands. You will be gently tied up and on request you are connected to intensify contacts the eyes. What exactly happens, we do not reveal in advance in order to produce a crackling tension that you have in the dominant shalt massage.


Happy massage Marbella welcomes you in to our house and they get the best massage in Marbella.

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